Why Your Business Needs a Backup Generator in East Aurora, NY; Electronic Data Access, Maintain Lighting & More

Whether you are a humble small business or a large corporation, every business should have a a power generator for their business space. With a number of reasons that cause power outages, not having a backup power plan can make a considerable impact on your business. Today, we at Misso Electric would like to share the reasons why every business should be equipped with a backup power generator.

What are the Benefits of Having a Generator at Your Commercial Premises?

Access Electronic Data: Power outages can compromise computers. The data stored on hard drives that you, our employees and your business rely on could be lost in the event of a power outage.
Income Loss Prevention: You could lose thousands of dollars for every day you’re not open if you are forced to close the business due to a power outage. You are connected to customers as a generator is a reliable source of backup power that enables your business to stay open.
Preserve Customer Contacts: Because they do not have generators, other businesses in your area may be unable to open, and you’ll be able to maintain contact with customers throughout the outage. Being able to have contact with your customers during a power outage is an invaluable service, depending on your business.
Ensure Security & Lighting: As soon as your business loses power, the inclusion of a transfer switch on a standby generator since the switch senses that loss and is prompted. Your business can continue to run lighting and security systems, which help to keep your business safe from looters after the generator kicks in.
Maintain Communication Connection: During a power outage, your business is connected and can still operate including sending emails, faxes, making calls and using the internet. Being able to keep the power on enables your employees to have no downtime.
Reliable Aid: They’re always ready for a power failure as standby generators are permanently installed at your building. A standby generator is also connected to the building’s power grid by an electrician since it is fueled by propane or natural gas.
Confidence of Powered Equipment: You can choose which pieces of equipment or sections of the building will receive power. The building can be separated into electrical zones to make sure you receive power where you need it most.
Safer, Efficient Than a Portable Generator: A safer alternative to a portable, gasoline-powered unit is a cleaner, more efficient option a standby generator.
Activating Sensor Based: The monitoring system on a standby generator engages the activation switch when the main power supply cuts out. The generator will shut down once the power is restored.
Flexible Size Options: Every business has unique power supply needs and demands depending on your size. In the event of an outage and make sure your standby generator is sufficient, take into account the amount of equipment, computers and buildings that you’ll need to power.

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Most of the time, power is reliable, but when it isn’t, it is best to have a generator you can rely on. Call Misso Electric and let our experts help you get a generator attached to your business.

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