What are Some Common Electrical System Problems in Commercial Buildings that Need Repair in Harris Hill, NY?

When compared to residential home care, maintaining the upkeep of a commercial property is quite different. A commercial building’s electrical system, for example, is far more complex and intricate than the electrical system used in homes. Your commercial building is likely to experience more electrical problems than electrical issues within your residence. With this in mind, we at Misso Electric would like to take the opportunity to share that if you own or operate a commercial building the common commercial electrical problems you are likely to face.

Multiple Outlets Stop Working

In order for all businesses to thrive and function, electricity is a basic necessity. Plenty of problems for a company to operate can occur when the property has multiple dead outlets. Damaged outlets are commonly due to tripping breakers and bad circuit connections. Since there are many reasons an outlet can die, you need an expert commercial electrician to find the source and making the necessary repairs and replacements.

Lights Keep Burning Out

You might experience that your light bulbs burn out at a rapid pace as opposed to light bulbs in your home, regardless of whatever brand or form of light bulb you use. There could be many reasons why you are experiencing this issue. This is frequently because the voltage is too high in your building. On the other hand, it could just simply be that you are using the wrong type of bulb.

Overheating Fixtures & Switches

In order to power a commercial-sized property, it takes a lot of electricity. Excessive energy needs often comes from commercial buildings, such as warehouses and factories often contain large machinery. You might find that switches and light fixtures tend to overheat more often than not as a result.

Frequent Power Outages

Power outages occur within a commercial-sized building from time to time. Because of scheduled maintenance by a local electric provider, there could be times when a power loss is unavoidable. However, could be a harmful sign for the overall health of the electrical system within your commercial property if you experience frequent and usual power outages.

Redundant Wires

From business to business, every one of these businesses has unique energy requirements that usually vary. Extra wiring or invested toward installing circuits may be included by property owners before you for example. In order to solve issues caused by redundant wires, it is very common for businesses to hire electricians. Potential electrical hazards can come from redundant wiring, which can still work despite certain issues. A commercial electrician can easily have the redundant wiring problems repaired or replaced.

Tripping Breakers

A short circuit, ground fault, or the breakers being overloaded can all be caused of the tripping circuit breakers. It is not uncommon for circuit breakers to trip considering the increased electrical consumption needs of a business in busy workplaces. Not addressing these issues can easily result in a fire hazard in your commercial building.

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