Commercial Electrical Services

Keeping the lights on in your business is vital, as any downtime means money lost. And depending on your problem, there may be safety hazards as well, as loose or exposed wiring can present immediate dangers to those in your workplace. Finding a skilled electrician to repair your problem in a timely manner doesn’t have to be a challenge! Misso Electric can safely identify the source of your problem and recommend a course of action to fix it to get your business running again without unnecessary delays. Our team of electricians are experts in commercial electrical systems. We perform all types of commercial electrical services from routine maintenance to complex electrical installations. No matter your electrical needs, you’ll be impressed with our excellent quality and professional services.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel upgrades modernize your home’s electrical system. Service upgrades are recommended for homeowners who have done or are planning to do a renovation, as well as homes that are older and have, over the years, increased their electrical load. If your power has been kicking on and off, then you likely need an upgrade to keep up with your ever increasing electrical demand.

Home Generator Installation

Misso Electric can install a home generator on your premises to protect your residence against power outages. As soon as the generator detects that your power is going to go off, it automatically kicks on. If you been thinking about installing a portable or standby generator to connect your home or to electrical power in case of a power outage, we recommend installing a manual or automatic transfer switch for your own safety and those inside your residence. We can save you time and money with a home generator that will mean you won’t have to evacuate your home for lack of power!

Electrical Safety Inspections

It’s a great idea to have your electrical system inspected yearly. Misso Electric offers electrical safety inspections to give you a clear indication of what direction your home’s electrical is heading in! We can address minor problems before they escalate and you will feel a lot better knowing your electrical components are safe for your loved ones.

Electrical Wiring Repairs

Particularly if you live in an older home, you should have the wiring checked out regularly. Misso Electric can troubleshoot and diagnose why your lights have been flickering lately or your circuit breaker keeps tripping. Once we figure out the root of the problem, we can fix it at the source to prevent it from happening again. When your home is in need of electrical repairs, it is of utmost importance you hire a qualified professional to bring your electrical components up-to-date and prevent them from future repairs.

Whole House Surge Protection

Surge protectors will prevent your appliances and other electrical devices from being damaged by surges. While all homes in Western New York should strongly consider whole-house surge protection, homes in rural areas are particularly susceptible to surges. With fewer homes on the grid, there are only so many places for these surges in electricity to go. Unfortunately, this means surges in rural areas are typically more powerful and potentially damaging than surges in more populated urban areas. Call Misso Electric to learn more about whole house surge protection today!


There are many different types of lighting that will help brighten up your home a little better. Misso Electric can recommend the best lighting to meet your needs and expertly install fixtures etc as needed. Light fixtures must be properly selected and installed to avoid code violations and potential risk of fire!

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