When Should Electrical Wiring Be Updated in Hamburg, NY? Blow Circuit Breakers, Burnt Outlets & More

Every person’s commercial building will eventually need its wiring redone. Wiring can degrade over time and the connections may become loose. Bad wiring not only affects the electrical performance and reliability of the building, it can also be dangerous. For this reason it is important to replace the building’s wiring every few years. Misso Electric will share some of the common signs that a commercial building is in need of new wiring.

Blown Circuit Breakers

When outlets are overloaded they can lead to a blown or tripped circuit breaker. When a commercial building and or a business have breakers that are blown out, they can slow down business. A circuit will trip to prevent overheating which can lead to a fire. However, if your breakers trip frequently and there hasn’t been any change in your building electrical demands or load, then it may be time to replace the commercial buildings electrical wiring.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Another sign that a commercial building needs a total wiring overhaul is when the lights flicker or appear to dim. Flickering or dimming lights is a sign of a loose electrical connection. Loose wiring is a bad sign and often leads to building fires. Loose connections are a sign that the wiring is old and most likely needs to be replaced and all of the connections checked and properly secured in place. Do not ignore flickering or dimming light, which is not normal and is a sign that the wiring needs attention.

Outlets Burnt or Spark

Another sign there is a problem with the building’s wiring is when the outlets have burn marks or sparking when a plug is undone. Sparks are often a sign that there is a problem with the wiring. Not only will you need to have the wiring replaced, but you will also need to replace the affected outlets. If your outlets have burn marks or spark in a commercial building, it is time to have some electrical work done.

Electrical Burning Smell

If you have ever had a burning smell inside the commercial building but could not locate where the smell is coming from, it may be the electrical wiring. An electrical burn usually has a very distinct smell. Sometimes the wiring itself can become overheated and the wiring actually burns. When this happens the protective covering melts, exposing the interior wire. If the wiring is exposed this is a potential fire hazard. When you notice an electrical burning smell have the wiring checked as it may be time for a complete wiring overhaul.

Age of Electrical Wiring

The age of the wiring can also help indicate if it is time to have the wiring replaced. In general, wiring can last about 30 years. Unless there was some kind of exposure such as flooding or pest damage, you may need your commercial building’s wiring replaced sooner. Wiring does degrade and need to be replaced during some point. If the commercial building is 30 year or older, consider having your wiring replaced. If you have encountered recent flooding or pests such as rodent activity, you may want to have the wiring system inspected and possibly replaced.

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If you find you have one or more of these classic signs, you need your electrical wiring replaced. Contact Misso Electric and schedule our services today.

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