Is it Worth Getting a Whole House Surge Protector in Kenmore, NY? How Does a Home Surge Protection System Work?

New York state is no stranger to major storms that often bring lightning. When an intense electrical storm comes through, lightning can strike homes and other buildings. Most lightning strikes may be brief and harmless to the building. On the other hand, it can cause havoc to the electrical systems within those homes and workplaces. Misso Electric would like to share what happens to an electrical system when lightning strikes and how you can protect your home with a whole-house surge protection system.

What Happens During a Power Surge?

A power surge is described as a burst from a powerful electrical current that flows through an electrical system. Another common term for a power surge is an over-voltage. When a power surge occurs in a home or building, a huge electrical current can surge through the entire electrical system or a single circuit. When a power surge occurs, and depending on the intensity of the electrical current, a power surge can cause major damage to electrical systems as well as any electrical device connected to the electrical system.

What Causes a Power Surge in a Neighborhood?

A power surge can come from a number of different sources or events. Lightning is one of the highly blamed culprits for unexpected power surges. Where lightning is a major culprit, lightning is not the only source. When a breaker trips it is often due to a sudden overload in an electrical circuit. When one is resetting a circuit, sometimes a power surge will flow through the circuit. When the electrical system short circuits this too can bring on a power surge. Lastly, a power surge can originate from the power company. A power company can have an unpredictable electromagnetic pulse or an inductive spike in their system that can travel to homes. Power surges can occur from many sources, but when they do, a power surge can damage electrical devices, degrade electrical wiring, and even spark a fire. For this reason it is important to protect your home from power surges.

How Do Whole House Surge Protectors Work?

Your best defense from a power surge is a whole house surge protection system. A whole-house surge protection device often is installed directly to the home’s electrical panel. A power surge will enter the home through the electrical panel and a surge protection system is designed to intercept the power surge and either send it to a safe place to disperse or it disperses and contains the surge directly. A surge protection system is the only defense system you have for your home’s electrical system. Newer homes that are built today will have a surge protection system already installed to enhance electrical safety. However, older homes do not have this system. For those who live in older homes, you should consider having your electrical system outfitted with its own surge protection system.

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