When is an Electrical Inspection Necessary in Batavia, NY? Old or Bad House Wiring, Tripping Breakers & More

A neglected wiring system in a home can be a recipe for disaster. Electrical wiring is often the source of many residential fires and many of them are due to a flaw in the wiring system. A properly wired home is designed to be safe and provide reliable power throughout the home but when an electrical problem develops the home can become at risk. There are some signs or hints that you should have the electrical wiring in your home inspected for potential problems. If a problem is discovered, steps can be taken to repair the house wiring system. Misso Electric will share some of the common signs that your electrical wiring should be inspected by a professional electrician.

How Old is My House Wiring?

Either the age of the home or the last time the wiring system was updated can be a major indicator of the health of the wiring system. If the home is over thirty years or old and has never had the electrical wiring inspected or updated, then you will want to have it done soon. Even an updated wiring system benefits from an inspection at least every ten years or sooner. Certain aspects of the wiring system can wear down and need to be repaired or replaced. There are certain clues that can reveal the electrical system’s age such as two pronged outlets. Only old homes that are forty years old or older will have two pronged outlets. Another sign of an old electrical system is a regular outlet near sinks and faucets. These outlets should have a GFCI outlet which enhances electrical safety around moisture. If you notice your home’s outlets do not meet modern standards, you will want to have the electrical system inspected.

What Materials are Used for the Electrical Wiring?

Many electrical wires used for home and commercial buildings were aluminum. Aluminum was a cheaper wiring option. However later aluminum proved to be inadequate. Aluminum wiring corrodes quickly and modern home’s now use copper wiring. To ensure your home does not have aluminum wiring, you may want to consider having the wiring inspected, especially if the home was built any time before the late 70’s.

Breaker Trips Repeatedly

Breakers trip to prevent electrical fires due to power surges or overloads. An electrical circuit can become overloaded when too many devices are plunged into one circuit. Power surges can also occur randomly which can also overload the electrical system. The circuit trips to prevent an electrical discharge from occurring at the end of the circuit which can cause a fire. However, if there is no reason behind why a circuit breaker keeps tripping, this can point to a problem in the wiring. If your breaker trips frequently and for no apparent reason, you will want to have the wiring inspected to ensure that there isn’t a major problem such as a loose connection or damaged wiring.

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