Common Electrical System Problems in Lackawanna, NY; Buzzing Sound, Burning Smell, Sparks & More

There is no perfect electrical system. An electrical system will develop problems and need repairs from time to time. As a homeowner it is important to recognize and identify electrical problems when they occur and seek professional electrical repairs when needed. Ignoring or neglecting your electrical system can lead to a devastating fire or electrocution. Misso Electric would like to share some of the more common residential electrical problems and when to seek electrical repairs.

What Does Electrical Buzzing Sound Like?

Are you hearing buzzing from your light, in the walls or in switches and or outlets? This is a sign of trouble. A buzzing sound which is often referred to as “mains hum” by electricians, occur when an electrical system reaches about 60 hertz. This buzzing sound is normal and can be heard in appliances. However, your electrical wiring and light fixtures should not be buzzing. When buzzing occurs in the electrical wiring, in light fixtures, or in the switches and outlets, this occurs when there is about 120 to 180 hertz running through the circuit. At this point you have a problem. Buzzing can be the result of a few problems. The circuit may be overloaded at the circuit breaker. The breaker may be overloaded because it is the wrong size or is old and worn out. The breaker will need to be inspected and possibly replaced. You may be overloading the circuit by plugging in way too many devices into the circuit.

Why Do I Smell Electrical Burning?

When you smell a burning odor in your home, this is a big problem that you should not ignore. Your first step is to determine where the burning smell is coming from. Follow your noise to look for the main site of the odor. If this is coming from a light switch or outlet, or it defiantly has an electrical or plastic like burning smell, it is your electrical system. You will want to first make sure there is no smoke or fire. Next turn off your electrical system and contact emergency electrical services.

What Does it Mean when Wires are Arcing & Sparks Come Out of an Outlet?

Arc is another term to describe sparks when plugging into an outlet. Arcs happen when electricity conducts between the metal plug and to the wiring. Arcs can be a blue colored spark that only lasts for a second. When an arc flash is produced, they can easily cause third degree burns, and affect eye sight and hearing. Arcing can also lead to house fires. Arcing can be the result of a number of different electrical problems such as:
• Breaks or Gaps in the Insulation
• Exposed or Frayed Wiring
• Wear and Tear
• Overloaded Outlet
• Corrosion of Electrical Wiring
When arcs develop do not overlook them. Arcs may be a sign of a major problem that can lead to a major disaster.

Is it Normal to See a Spark when You Unplug Something?

If a spark occurs while unplugging from an outlet, it is a bit more common and often leaves a burn mark on the outlet. When a spark occurs when unplugging, it is a discharge from leftover electricity. This is a sign of bad wiring that can lead to major electrocution. Sparks may not seem like a major problem but it is more than worth looking into.

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These are but a few of the more common electrical problems that need repair. If your home has an electrical issue, contact Misso Electric and schedule our services today.

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