Home Fire Safety in Lockport, NY; Electrical Wiring Inspection, Installation of GFCI Outlets & More

Thousands of homeowners experience an electrical fire in their home every year; resulting in millions of dollars in property damage. Experiencing an electrical fire in your home is devastating since most items lost are simply irreplaceable. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t even realize their home is at risk of an electrical fire. Misso Electric is here to talk about electrical fire safety and the steps you can take to safeguard your home.

What is Unsafe Electrical Wiring?

On average, the lifespan of an electrical system is about 30-40 years. Obviously, many people live in homes that are much older than this. It is important you have your electrical system inspected to ensure it is up to code and not damaged. If your home was built between 1960-1970, it was most likely wired with aluminum wiring which can become dangerous over the years. Aluminum wiring oxidizes and corrodes much faster than copper wiring and become a fire risk. You may not need the entire electrical system upgraded, but a qualified electrician can assist you in fixing potential problems.

Inspect AC & Furnace

You may not realize this, but 20% of house fires are caused by the homeowner’s furnace or air conditioning systems. This is why these appliances should be inspected and maintained regularly. There is debris and other contaminants that restrict airflow and gather outside the unit. Belts, bearings and motors should be properly maintained to ensure they are working properly and aren’t a fire hazard. If your systems are working harder than they should, they could likely overheat and cause a fire.

How Often Should Electrical Panels Be Inspected?

Many homes that were built long ago were built to handle 30 amps of power. Today, it is likely your home is expected to handle 100-200 amps of power with new appliances and other electronics. If your home isn’t capable of handling at least 200 amps of power, it needs to be updated to keep you safe and that starts with the electrical panel. How often you get your electrical system inspected depends on how old your home is, how many appliances you have in it and other factors. Most electricians recommend every 3 – 5 years.

Install GFCI Outlets

Have you ever noticed that some outlets may have a button that you can push to reset the power? These are known as GFCI outlets or ground fault circuit interrupters. If there is a difference in the outflow or inflow of electricity the outlet is tripped to safeguard you from electrical shock. You will commonly see these in the bathroom as well as the kitchen since they are recommended for outlets near appliances and water. Homes that are equipped with GFCI outlets are less likely to experience an electrical fire.

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Misso Electric knows how devastating a home fire can be and want to help you avoid it. An electrical inspection is a great idea when you purchase and move into a home as well as every 3-5 years that you live there. We can detect and address any safety issues in their infancy before they escalate and we can safely provide more power to meet your increased electrical demand. Call us to schedule service today!

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