How Do I Know if I Need to Upgrade My Electrical Panel in North Tonawanda, NY? Lights Not Working & More

Living in a modern age has many homeowners needing power like never before to meet their increasing electrical demand. With all devices, security systems, appliances, landscaping lighting and standard power needs for outlets and lights inside, the electrical systems often have a hard time keeping up. If the electrical panels are not up to par, the electrical system is impacted, which is a safety hazard. There are quite a few red flags that we at Misso Electric suggest your electrical panel is in desperate need for an update.

Breaker Constantly Tripping

An indication that signifies the need for an electrical panel upgrade are the breakers’ constantly tripping. If you are using more energy than what your current electrical system is outputting, the breakers will trip often. To prevent overheating and fire, which can also be associated with inadequate amps, the breakers trip. Also, if the circuit breaker is tripping often, the electrical panel is likely outdated.

Old Electrical Panel

Old, multi-family homes should be updated as soon as possible. Older homes are equipped with old FPE and Zinsko panels and being inadequate all too often, they can’t keep up with the today’s electrical demand and are a high-risk fire hazard. If you are unsure, even though a previous owner may have upgraded the electrical panel it is simply not worth the risk. Contact a licensed electrician to inspect it.

Lights are Not Working

Flickering or dimming lights are commonly due to having an outdated electrical panel, one that was improperly installed or that is simply failing. A prime example of a red flag that the electrical panel is outdated is when you run a major appliance, seeing the lights flicker or dim. After an inspection finds the source for lighting problems, a remedy will likely be to update the panel.

Get Electrics Checked when Buying a House?

When you first acquire a new home, an electrical inspection is in your better interest as a top priority. Should the inspection discover outdated panels, it is well worth your efforts to update the panels. You may also want to consider investing in other upgrades such as the breaker box and other recommendations the electrician to keep you safe and electrical system efficient. The last thing you want is learning that your home’s electrical system safety is at risk after settling into your new home.

Faulty Amps

Typically, common in new homes are 200-amp electrical systems. It is critical maintain their appliances and other electrical needs the 200 amps of power. Any home built with less 200 amp you will likely experience frequent power outages or the breaker tripping, however. You will also face potential challenges selling the house in addition to having difficulty with your electrical system. Updating the electrical panel as a top priority if the amps are less than 200 as one of your top priorities.

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