What is the Most Common Commercial Electrical Problem in Hamburg, NY? Tripping Breakers or Overloads?

Electrical systems can develop problems and issues in a home as well as in a commercial building. A commercial building can range in electrical problems. Just like a home, electrical problems can lead to major hazards such as a fire. For those who own or manage a commercial building, it is important to know and be able to detect electrical problems as soon as they occur. Misso Electric will share some of the common electrical issues that can occur in a commercial building.

Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

When you have a commercial building that has circuit breakers tripping all of the time, there is a problem. The problem is easier to narrow down when the same circuit breaker trips. When you have circuits tripping throughout the entire commercial building, this can make it difficult to locate the problem. However, if the entire building has breakers tripping, it may be due to a lack of amps. The building needs more power. If certain breakers keep tripping, there may be a loose connection, damaged wiring or that circuit is being overloaded.

Electrical Circuit Overloads

When a circuit is overloaded this describes a power drain from a particular circuit line. Even if a single circuit can have five or more outlets, it doesn’t mean the circuit is designed to handle massive loads. Depending on the nature of the commercial building, the electrical demands can greatly vary. When the commercial building was built and its electrical system put in, the designated amps may not meet the current needs of the business. Do not simply reset the breaker as an overload is a major problem. If you ignore the problem, this can lead to a fire. Instead, reduce the load on the circuit or consider adding additional circuits for the areas that need more power.

Electrical Short Circuit

A short circuit can also cause the breaker to trip. However, a short circuit is much more dangerous than a circuit overload. A short circuit is when a live wire contacts the neutral wires. When a short circuit occurs, the breaker will trip to help ensure safety. However, when the two come in contact often, a large spark can cause a fire. Short circuits can occur when the wires become loose, during fixture replacements, and other electrical work.

Ground Faults

Grounding, or also known as earthing, is very important. The grounding system is designed to take the excess electrical current and safely disperse the current into the earth. The ground system is essential in keeping the electrical system and the building safe. If a problem develops in the ground system, the excess electricity can travel back up and through the circuit and possibly discharge in an electrical device, in the circuit line, or even cause an electrocution. It is important that the grounding system be monitored and periodically inspected to ensure there are no problems.

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There are plenty more electrical issues that can occur in a commercial building. When they do it is important to not ignore these problems and seek professional services right away. For commercial and residential electrical services, contact Misso Electric today.

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