Factors to Consider when Designing a Commercial Lighting System in South Lockport, NY; Smart Lights & More

When you are building a brand new commercial space or renovating an existing, the lighting design is a major element that requires a lot of consideration and care. Lighting will greatly enhance the building aesthetics. It will insure perfect lighting for work and promote a good mood. When designing your commercial building lighting, there are few considerations that can ensure great light design. Misso Electric will share the top commercial light design considerations that can ensure great lighting design.

Invest in Smart Lighting

Many commercial buildings can be very large, having many floors, rooms, and sections. Designing a lighting system isn’t always the greatest challenge but controlling the light is. A commercial building owner should consider taking advantage of a smart lighting system. Motion lighting, auto dim and brightening of light can make controlling the amount of light needed far easier. Smart lights can help reduce power consumption. With smart lighting you can reduce the power lighting used by 75% and save 20% of your commercial building’s power bill. Smart lighting can help improve energy efficiency for the entire commercial building. When designing a commercial building’s lighting system, it only makes sense to take advantage of modern technology to promote better energy efficiency.

Lighting for Energy Efficiency & Code Compliance

When designing the lighting in a commercial building it is important that the lighting system meet the code compliance regulations. It is also important for a large commercial building owner to keep the energy consumption in check. Building codes are always updating which can make it hard to follow all of the regulations. Those who own older buildings may find themselves redesigning their lighting system to meet current code complacency. Older building as well as new building owners needing to meet energy consumption regulations should also use LED fixtures. Both new and older buildings can be refitted with LED fixtures, combined with smart light technology. This will ensure that a commercial building meets code compliance regulations.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

When designing a commercial lighting system, the outdoor lighting is equally important as the indoor lighting. Outdoor lights can help improve a commercial building’s curbside appeal, improve safety as well as security. When the lighting is being designed, the lights not only have to look good, but they must make sure pedestrians can see at night. Therefore, strategically placed lights should be installed to ensure the building’s security as well as those of the people walking around it. When the plans for the commercial building come out, it is important that the outdoor lighting meets all code and regulations.

Lighting to Increase Productivity

Depending on the nature of the commercial building, often employees will need to see well during night time hours. Never design a lighting system with lights that are too far apart or use dull light fixture. With the right lighting design you can help improve productivity. Bad lighting does not only reduce productivity but it leads to a more hazardous environment.

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Properly designing a lighting system for a commercial building takes a lot of time and considerations. When a commercial building owner needs their lighting system designed or even redesigned, seek out a professional electrical and design service. For commercial lighting design services and more, contact Misso Electric today.

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