Why are Commercial Electrical Inspections Important in Cheektowaga, NY? Safety, Code Compliance & More

A commercial building must meet a higher standard than the average home. As a commercial building hosts clients, customers, employees, or provides goods, a commercial building must ensure safety. There is a lot a different aspect of safety that a commercial building must attend to, including electrical safety. To ensure electrical safety as well as reliability, a commercial building needs regular commercial electrical inspections. Misso Electric would like to share what you should know about commercial electrical inspections and why they are so essential.

What is the Purpose of an Electrical Inspection?

A commercial building owner should have their electrical system inspected annually. With regular commercial inspections you can ensure the electrical system is reliable and above all, safe. During an electrical inspection the electrical wiring will be tested to ensure they are working properly. If a problem is detected in the electrical wiring, the problem will need to be dealt with. A loose connection or damaged wiring is a major fire hazard. All of the electrical systems such as fans, lighting, and outlets will be checked to ensure each circuit is safe. Other parts of the electrical system will also be inspected such as the connectors, conduits, electrical panel and breakers. If any other these components are showing signs of wear and tear, they will be replaced immediately to ensure an outstanding electrical system. As the condition of the electrical system in the commercial building is be checked, the electrical inspector is also making sure the commercial electrical system is up to code. Electrical codes are always evolving to improve energy efficiency and safety. If something is not to code they can make the needed corrections to help ensure your commercial building and property is following all proper codes and regulations.

What is Included in a Commercial Electrical Inspection?

For those who manage or own a commercial building or property, you may wonder what to expect from a commercial electrical inspection. Obviously a commercial building is much larger than a home, so the inspector will need more time to do a proper inspection. Depending on the size of the commercial building and property, a commercial electrical inspection can take anywhere from one to eight hours. Make sure to provide the electrician plenty of time to give the commercial building a thorough inspection. You will also need to provide the electrician access to the electrical system, including the electrical panels and various rooms throughout the commercial building. During the inspection the electrician will look at certain elements of the electrical system. During the inspection the electrician will look for:
• Wiring Methods and if the Method is Suitable for the Building
• Condition of the Conduit and the Number of Bends
• Electrical Damages such as, Frayed, Corded, or disconnected Wiring
• Breaker Size and Condition
• Compliance With Current Codes

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The owner of a commercial building needs to ensure the electrical system is safe and reliable, and in order to do this the commercial building should undergo annual electrical inspections. If you need your commercial building’s electrical system inspected, repaired or more, contact Misso Electric today.

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