When Should You Upgrade Commercial Electrical Wires & Panel in Lockport, NY? Age of Building, Safety Issues & More

Most people assume a commercial building’s electrical design is perfect with no flaws and will last forever. This is a common misconception when it comes to a commercial building electrical installation and design. There will come a time where a commercial building will need their electrical system upgraded. Electrical design, codes and regulations are ever changing to improve energy efficiency and safety. For those who own or manage a commercial building there are some signs you should watch for to know when it is time to upgrade your building electrical system. Misso Electric will share some of the common signs for electrical upgrades in your commercial building and how to plan out the electrical updates.

Upgrade Old Electrical Wiring & Panel

Upgrading depends on the age of your commercial building. Some of the older buildings were outfitted with a 60 to 120 amp system and very few outlets or circuits. Modern buildings now use at least 200 amps. If your commercial building has less than 200 amps or you need more power, that is often a sign you need an electrical upgrade. You may not notice that you do not have enough power or amps for your buildings need. Even if you have 200 amps you may need more. Signs you need more power often is noted in flickering lights or your building circuit breakers will trip a lot. When more power is needed, you will want an electrical upgrade. Watch for those tripping breakers or flickering lights and you will know that it is time for an upgrade.

Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Another reason for an electrical upgrade is when there is a number of noted safety issues. If you have equipment that overheats, yet the breaker never trips, the safety system may be compromised. Corrosion around the electrical connection, wiring, and along the panel is another major safety concern. In New York we have humidity. We also have salty air that leads to corrosion to the electrical system. You may even want to see if you have a power surge protector in place. If not, you will want to have your electrical system inspected and possibly upgraded to ensure better safety for the commercial building. Lastly, if you plan to add additional electrical equipment or appliances such as heat or cooling units, you will need to add more power as the building’s previous electrical design did not include an additional HVAC system and other large equipment.

How Much Power Does Business Need?

It is a great idea to evaluate the electrical needs of your business before updating your electrical system. You can make a list of the electrical appliances and equipment you currently use and any you are planning to add, including lighting. Note any areas where you would like to have more electrical outlets. Your electrician will use this information as well as intelligence gathered by inspecting your building to calculate your building’s total electrical load. If the only upgrade you need to your system is an additional circuit, Misso Electric may be able to accomplish this by adding a subpanel. This is only possible, however, when your main electrical panel already supplies enough power for the entire building and your wiring is in good condition. Please note that upgrading and installing a new electrical system may require you to close the building. You will want to give employees, tenants and customers some advance notice about the upcoming electrical upgrades. Additionally, you will want to have a contractor and all other materials already lined up and scheduled. With a quality electrical contractor, they should help you with any designing, material and of course installation of the new electrical upgrade. Make sure to seek a good electrical service to ensure you get the upgrade you need.

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