Common Causes of Commercial Electrical Problems in Williamsville, NY; Faulty Wiring, Grounding Issues & More

Common electrical problems can lead to serious situations that risk human lives, in addition to extensive property damages whether you own a commercial building or just rent one. It is your job to ensure your employees are as safe as possible while in your commercial building as an employer. To make sure you do just that, understanding some of the most common commercial building electrical problems can help. Today, we at Misso Electric would like to share the most common electrical problems for commercial buildings.

How Do You Identify Common Electrical System Problems on Your Job Site?

Commercial buildings can often have electrical wiring that is complex. The most common electrical problems within your commercial building, a skilled and experienced electrician can help to identify and reduce, if not eliminate the problem.
Grounding Issues. What is known as ground loops, the most common type of grounding problem with electrical wiring for commercial buildings. When electrical systems are connected to the ground wire through multiple ways, ground loops occur. This typically happens when electrical equipment is interconnected, resulting in several different paths leading to the ground wire. To ensure any excess energy is relayed through the ground, properly grounding your wires helps. In addition to fire and electrocution, this helps to reduce damages to electrical appliances. Excessive energy surges are created from short circuits, for example. When this energy surges, grounding helps to reduce the likelihood of serious complications that may result. It is important to identify and correct each instance because multiple interconnections attribute to improper grounding.
Faulty Electrical Wiring. It is likely caused by faulty wiring if you detect a burning smell when you turn on your lighting. Used in reference to an electrical wire that is outdated, damaged, poorly installed or inadequately maintained, faulty wiring is a blanket term. The most common signs of faulty wiring are dimming and flickering of lights and fuses that frequently break for many commercial buildings. A danger in and of itself, is outdated wiring. When new lighting fixtures are installed, it can become even more apparent, however. This is because new lighting typically operates at hotter temperatures than older models do. Creating a serious risk of fire, this can exceed what your older wiring can handle. Most experts recommend a rewiring overhaul to help prevent potential fires relating to faulty, outdated wiring for commercial buildings built prior to 1987.
Congested Electrical Wiring. One of the most common electrical problems in commercial buildings is overcrowding. Generally, behind drywall are most wires. To connect to fixtures, outlets, and other important things, they still come through openings in the wall. They rub against each other and become more prone to damage when too many wires are pulled through a single opening. The copper wiring can become exposed and lead to fires as this damage worsens.
Electrical Panels Hazards. It can create a problem in and of itself if your electrical panel is messy and disorganized. To ensure you can cut power to specific areas or appliances quickly an organized electrical panel is essential. Getting to your electrical panel to cut power to that section immediately is essential if there is an electrical fire caused by faulty wires in one wing of your commercial building, for example. The power will also need to be turned off for that region while the installer is disconnecting and connecting wires if you are having light fixtures in another portion of your building retrofitted.

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