Commercial Electrical Safety Tips in Kenmore, NY; Inspections, Upgrade Old Wiring, Emergency Power & More

For a commercial property, electrical safety is a major concern. The property owner must take steps every few years to help ensure the electrical system throughout the commercial property is reliable and safe. For this reason it is common for a commercial property owner to receive regular electrical inspections and maintenance. Misso Electric would like to share a few tips on how a commercial center can improve electrical safety and what improvements can be made to ensure safe and reliable power.

Electrical Inspections

One of the most important steps a commercial property owner can take to ensure electrical safety is by having the electrical system inspected. The electrical system must be inspected by a licensed electrician. An electrical service will often have a quality electrical inspector on hand to perform the inspection. A qualified electrical inspector will know all of the current National Electrical Codes and know what flaws or problems to look for. They will ensure your electrical system is up to date and that there are no problems in the electrical system.

Check for Electrical Damage After a Mice or Pest Infestation

Owners of a commercial building always works hard to control pests. However, there are times that pests, mainly rodents, will invade a commercial property. If a commercial property and building has had recent rodent activity, such as mice or rats, have the electrical system checked. Rodents often chew on electrical lines exposing the internal wiring. If the protective coating or the wiring has been damaged and the wiring is exposed, that poses a major safety threat. If moisture contacts the wiring it will cause a power surge and sparks. If insulation or other building material contacts the wiring, the wiring can become very hot and start a fire. Rodent activity is a major warning sign to the building electrical safety. Make sure to check the building’s electrical system after pest activity.

Upgrade Old Electrical System

Even though an electrical system appears to be running smoothly, if you have an old or outdated electrical design, you may want to consider upgrades. Upgrading the electrical system can help provide a fresh start and ensure your electrical system is able to handle the building’s electrical load. For your commercial building, you don’t just want to barley meet the electrical demands, but instead have a little bit more. A commercial building undergoes a lot of changes and often new electrical devices are used. To make sure you always have enough electricity for your business, you may want to upgrade the electrical system. Stress on an electrical system can become a dangerous problem, so always avoid stressing out your electrical system.

Consider Emergency Power

A commercial building and property benefits from having a back-up power source such as a generator. If power is lost, a business can continue on, or at the very least, provide lights and an HVAC system to help keep everyone safer. A number of safety systems rely on power. To ensure your safety alarm, sprinklers and other emergency systems maintain power, installing a generator can prove to be a wise investment.

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