Commercial Electrical

Electrical Installations

At Misso Electric, we know how important it is that production is a fluid process without any hiccups. When you run into problems in a commercial setting, it can cost you precious time and money. This is why it is so important that you have trusted, electricians like the team at Misso Electric to handle all your commercial electrical installation needs. You know we work quickly and efficiently to provide you with high quality electrical services you can trust.

Commercial Electrical Upgrades

When you own a business, upgrades and improvements are something that must be worked into the budget. This includes the electrical system. No matter how well your building’s electrical system was originally done, you will eventually be faced with upgrades that need to be done. Misso Electric offers a wide range of commercial electrical upgrades to help you improve your building and in turn, your business.

Commercial Electrical Inspections

Commercial property owners need an electrician they can rely on. In the Western New York area, the local businesses have Misso Electric for all of their electrical needs. Having an electrical inspection performed by a proficient expert you can trust is essential for the safety and efficiency of your commercial electrical systems. We been doing commercial electrical inspections for over a decade and a half. You can be confident in our thoroughness and attention to detail. When your business is due for an electrical inspection, Misso Electric is readily available.

Commercial Lighting Design & Installation

Your commercial lighting is an important element to the overall design of your business. Whether you are an office, retail, or the service industry, the lights need to offer practical needs as well as highlight retail or architectural features, as well as illuminate the space for staff and guests alike. With the right lighting design for your business, you can include elegance with your productivity. Commercial lights need both interior and exterior lighting, with the right lighting design, Misso Electric can help your business stand out. From the exterior where 1st impressions, and safety matter, to the inside where people can be productive or see merchandise, designing your lighting is essential and the expert consultants and designers of Misso Electric can enhance your business with the right lighting.

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